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Kittanning, Pa. has been chosen as a filming location for the 1960's-based "Mothman Prophecies". The 1850's Greek Revival style Courthouse that dominates Market St., the Gothic style jail added as a wing to the courthouse in the 1890's, and the 1933-built steel bridge across the Allegheny River play parts in the movie-makers' decision.

Three versions of the mothman story are found in the links below, as well as commentary in Message Boards and other locations about the movie and stars Richard Gere and Laura Linney. Links to fan clubs and Message Boards about the stars are listed below too. The Kittanning area also plays host to the annual Fort Armstrong Folk Festival, a reportedly VERY tough "up and down the mountains" 10k run in August, and another tough physical challenge, the Crooked Creek Triathlon in September.

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Mothman Sightings in Kittanning!

The links below are to messages in the Kittanning Dot Com Message Board, followed by links to outside sources of information on Mothman. For those who need a brief note of introduction, Richard Gere is starring in a movie based on the Mothman Prophecies to be filmed extensively in Kittanning.

If anyone sends me links to pictures of Mothman or of our ongoing saga posted elsewhere, we'll list those links in a third section. Enjoy! Carl

Filming of movie "Mothman" - 11/10/2000 (3 msgs)
Mothman Movie Location" - by Nathan Kitts, 11/30/2000 (5 msgs)
Mothman News - by Carl, 12/4/2000 (3 msgs)
They ARE filming in Kittanning - by Carl, 12/6/2000 (6 msgs)
Mothman Auditions - by Nathan Kitts, 12/7/2000 (6 msgs)
Mothman Information - by Carl, 1/7/2001 (4 msgs)
Casting Call? - by Buss Cravener, 1/9/2001 (6 msgs)
A different Mothman story and picture - by Carl, 1/9/2001 (1 msg, 1 link)
Casting call had HUGE turnout - by Carl, 1/11/2001 (4 msgs)
Words from casting company - by Carl, 1/11/2001 (1 msg)

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Mothman Links

A retail store in West Virginia maintains the site with pictures and one of the three different accounts we have of the Mothman Prophecies. The store has several branches, one of them in Point Pleasant, WV, where the sightings of "Mothman" were reported in 1966 and 1967.

Thanks go to Buss Cravener who posted this link "The Mothman Story" on the KDC Message Board, this is version #2 of 3 so far. Click here for Buss's comments first.

Nathan Kitts gave the first account of Mothman on our Message Board. Click here to read it.

The Stax Report is a script review of Mothman Prophecies, sent to us from Fred Sloop and also linked to from You can see how close or how far away the movie is from the book and from the stories we've heard. Click HERE.

IGN obviously has some feelers out we don't. I've seen parts of this page before, but not all of it. Click here for fairly current updates from their readers. And as far as that goes, I'd like to invite Jessica B., Tyler Durden, Belzebub, and Mr. Black to post directly to our Message Board whenever they feel so inclined. This link was also sent to us by Fred Sloop. Thanks, Fred!

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Richard Gere Laura Linney
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More about Richard from Sharman - she's definitely a fan; planning to come over from Ohio to watch some of the filming. :-)
Discussion Board, see the 11th entry down the page "Filming of Mothman to Start", there are also a couple of posts about Pa filming in "Gere Gossip".
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The Movie Times
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Also in "Mothman Prophecies"
Will Patton Photo, Info (Armageddon, Gone in 60 Seconds)
Debra Messing Photo, Info (Will & Grace)
Lucinda Jenney Info (Thirteen Days)
Alan Bates Photo, Info (In the Beginning)

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