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From DorothyCain
August 2, 1999

I was referred to your site by someone who grew up in Kittanning.  What a beautiful place?  You did a great job with the web site.  I enjoyed the walking tour.  Maybe someday I will be able to visit.  Thanks for the tour,


From Dennis Cramer
August 4, 1999

Note from Carl:  Some of you may check out the links following this unsolicted, but very informative article.  Enjoy your side trip and we'll see you when you get back.

On Friday, August 4, 1899, an inspection run was made on the new trolley line connecting Kittanning and Manorville. Pennsylvania.  The car left the Kittanning depot at 5:00 PM and had to make several stops to grease the rail at curves.  They cut brush that was rubbing the sides of the car and even had to cut away part of the roof of a shed on JT Deemer's farm.  No sooner was this accomplished that the crew discovered his barn was also in the way.  Employees of the traction company made quick work of cutting the corner off the barn so they could proceed.  (Dr. Deemer was invited to join the inspection run.)  The car reached McCain (original end of the line) and returned to Kittanning without incident.

The next day, Saturday, August 5, 1899, regular service was begun on the Kittanning and Ford City Street Railway Company.  By Monday, August 7, 1899, over 4,000 people had their first experience with electric traction in this rural county northeast of Pittsburgh.

The line was eventually expanded south to Lenape Park and north to Cowanshannock Creek.  The name was changed to the Kittanning and Leechburg Street Railways Company in 1904 and in 1911, West Penn Railways bought the line, the only standard gauge line in their system.

The line closed on November 8, 1936.

For more information, images and an forthcoming book on the Trolleys of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, visit my website listed in my signature.


From Jennifer Gaul-Franks
August 6, 1999

Dear Carl:

On a recent trip home I was coming down West Kittanning hill enjoying the beautiful view of the new park and amphitheater.  I never realized what a beautiful town Kittanning really is until I moved away.  Here is my suggestion.  The building that houses Erdos has that wall that faces the river and West Kittanning hill.  I think that it would be really nice to have a mural painted on the side of that building depicting Kittanning's history.  I realize that I am no longer a tax payer in town but I was hoping that you would pass this suggestion on to the proper folks.

Enjoy the Folk Festival!  We were not able to make it up for the festival but we will be up for the Dayton Fair.

Take Care and Keep up the Good Work - Sincerely,

Jennifer Gaul-Franks

Thanks Jennifer,

I've forwarded it to Ray Voller who is active in the Downtown Kittanning association.  I added a small twist to it - some research I did a couple of years ago on downtown redevelopment had a money-raising project...a historical mural where residents could pay to have their likeness or that of a relative, etc. used within the mural... Proceeds were to go towards maintaining and improving downtown.

I think that's the most likely way to have a mural... good idea and thanks,


(Aug 7th)  Thanks for letting me know!  If there is anything I can do to help please let me know!


From Matt Kovatch
August 12, 1999

Hi Carl:

What a welcomed endeavor you've undertaken! After having lived in Kittanning the first 22 years of my life, it is not infrequently that I wonder what events are happening in the Kitty City. And now, through your creation, it's only a point and click away. Now, as a Chicago area resident, I return to visit my missed family and friends a few times annually and enjoy drives out Pony Farm Road, Bluff Street and casual strolls through the old neighborhoods. Your web page is bookmarked in my "favorites" menu and I will be sure to visit it often. Please include my email address as an invitation for friends to write.

Thank You,
Matt Kovatch (KHS '83)

From Gino Paoli
August 14, 1999

Hi! I really enjoyed your tour!..Ilive in Lima,Pa., and writing several books on architects and railroad structures in the mid-northeast. I am aware that Freeport was a station on the Penna. RR, however, I noticed no reference to it in your tour. I would greatly appreciate any information you may be able to forward me and look forward to visting you and your town in the future.

Thank you much.

Gino Paoli

From Dick Leister
August 17, 1999

Hello Carl

I was really surprised to find Kittanning on the web site.  It's  like a visit home.  Congratulations on your effort.

I lived at 220 Chestnut  St. and was with the class of 48, and left that year to attend Valley Forge Mil Acad. From there I graduated from Mich St. Univ. where I married Jean  Carnahan who still has cocktails with me before dinner each night after 46 years.  I left college and entered the army as a 2d Lt. Inf., went to flight  school and for the next 25 years, roamed the globe with three children and retired in 1977 with 3,000 hours in choppers and two tours in Nam. I came to San Diego in 77 and put in 14 years with General Dynamics Electronics Div. and retired in 1989.

I get class mail from John Lindeman whom I have tried to call in the evenings at 724-543-3619 without sucess.  If John has a web address, I would like to have it.

Really sorry that I missed the party of 17 July on the occasion of the 50 anniversary of the Fireman's Band.  I was a charter member as was about half of the  Kittanning High School Boys Band.  Our first rehersal was in the fire house #4 (I think) in Wicks City. Our first parade was in Leechburg and we all had a  wonderful time considering all the beer that sat in tubs along the parade route.  Most of us were under 18 at the time and realized we wern't in Kansas anymore.  Great web page, keep it up.

Dick Leister

Thanks for writing, Dick.  Anyone in contact with John?  Maybe we can get them back in touch.


From Rudy McManus
August 1999

Dear  Carl

Just want to thank you for a grest web site.

Spent my first 22 years in Garretts Run, attended FCHS, brother of Susan Jarvis, cousin of Fred Klugh.  From Rochester NY, the home of money, madness, taxes, too many stores, really funny drivers, and Soccer freaks.  What I need is a good old fashion game between the Sabers and Wildcats, bring it on baby!

Rudy Mc Manus

From Mary Darnell
August 19, 1999

Hi Carl!
I sure enjoyed my trip back home. I lived in Kittanning from 1952 till 1963. My Dad was William Bayle Rector of St Paul's Episcopal Church. I still have many good memories of my old home and try to get back to visit old friends when I can.My favorite place to eat was Hot Dog Bill's. To this day I haven't found any hot dog sauce to match it.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Much Thanks,

Mary ( Polly ) Darnell
P.S. You can enter my e-mail address:

Mary, my sincere apologies.  Here it is 6 months later and I found your email, noticed it wasn't posted.  I hope all your friends find you.  Carl (2/25/2000)

From Eugene L. Dickason
Sept. 4, 1999

Dear Carl,

I am looking for information about the Dickason family in Kittanning.  I have records to say that an Alexander Dickason was buried there in about 1865.  Perhaps you could give me the name of a possible burial site and I could contact them.

Thanking you very much, I am

Yours sincerely

Eugene L. Dickason

From Rebecca Hilton
Sept. 15, 1999

Hello!  I was so glad to find your website.  I was in Pittsburgh last week  and had to take a side trip to Kittanning to see where my grandfather was born and raised.  What a lovely town you have!  I fell in love with it immediately!  Unfortunately I could only spend a couple of hours there.

I did stop in a little shop called The Painted Daisy to buy some mementos to take home.  While talking to the shop's owner I mentioned that my grandfather's last name was Sheasley and she said, "Oh we have alot of Sheasley's around here" and promptly brought me the phone book.  I couldn't
believe it!  Neither my mother or I realized that anyone with that surname still lived there!  Bless her heart, she even phoned a lady named, I believe, Cecelia Sheasley that works at the library but there wasn't an answer.

If there are any Sheasleys out there that would like to contact me please feel free to do so.  We would love to hear from you!

Sincerely, Rebecca Hilton

From Patricia D. Schrecengost
Sept 19, 1999

So glad a friend told me of the Kittanning Web Page.  I own and operate A to Z Auto Detailing, so I appreciate a place to go with my thoughts and suggestions.

Pat Schrecengost at

From Charlotte Henry Erickson
Sept 28, 1999

I was told of this site by a friend of mine and now I have a hard time leaving it!  The walking tour of Kittanning is beautiful and I have learned a lot more about the town.  I am a graduate of KHS ('64) and still have family and friends in town.  The last time I was in town I got to walk thru the park and saw all the beautiful work being done.

Kittanning is a nice place and a lot of memories are there for me.  One thing I found is that you can never leave your accent , everyone knows you are from western Pennsylvania.

Thanks again Carl for giving all of us Wildcats a site to be proud of!

Charlotte (Henry) Erickson

From Richard Semmens
October 1, 1999

Hi to all classmates of 64.  It  would be great to hear from you.  I am currently in touch with a few  and would like to catch up with more.

Please feel free to email me. Also, friends from the area; drop a line also.


From Kim Shellenbarger
October 24, 1999

Hi Carl,

I am looking for info about a painting published by H.B. Otto & Co., copyright 1880.  This company was located in Kittanning Penn. but I can't seem to find out anything about them or the painting they published.  Can you help? Thanks so much!


From Danny Shirley
November 19, 1999


Congrats are in order for your website.  I grew up in Kittanning and now work in Potter County.  I would like to return home and continue to wait for the opportunity.  Your webpage allows me to see the view from Bluff Street that I know so well.

Danny Shirley Jr.

From Jim Cox
January 2, 2000


I must say that your web site brings back a lot of good memories. The opening view from West Kittanning is as beautiful as ever. I was born in Kittanning, grew up there, graduated from KHS and Lenape Vo-tech in 1973. My folks still live in Kittanning. I left Kittanning in 1975 to pursue my career and of all the places I have lived, none hold a candle to Kittanning. While on your walking tour I even say my old employer, Erdos Furniture, but when I worked there they were on the other end of main street next to the old theater.

Thanks for allowing me to see my home town from The Colony, Texas. It has been a Grande tour....

Jim Cox

From Magee
January 3, 2000

I'm so proud to say that my roots are right there along the Allegheny. I graduated from KHS in '49!  I have lived in upstate New York since the fall of '50.  I still have family in the area - one sister in Kittanning and a sister in Indiana and many cousins and friends in the area.  I visit there several times a year.  I must say that the revitalized park is absolutely wonderful.  Unfortunately, I haven't been there for any "event" but have enjoyed a stroll through the park on several occasions.

My heart will always be in those Pennsylvania hills, particularly in Kittanning!

Carl's note... Magee was part of the email address, hope I guessed right

From Bill and Phyllis Betti
January 6, 2000

Great site really enjoyed all the pictures.   Knew Jack Ollinger real well.  My brother Herm and I played football for the Kay-ees.  Go to the reunions every couple of years.  I graduated from Kittanning High in 47.  Married Phyllis Jack of Clinton (Freeport High Class of 47).  Left Kittanning in 1959 to move to Ohio.  Looking for all our old friends.  Snail mail us at:

Bill & Phil Betti
5277 State Route 95
Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338

Still get back once in a while.

Nice to see you back, Bill and Phil!!

From Robert Armstrong
January 30, 2000

Congratulations on a great site. My father always told me that Fort Armstrong and Armstrong County were named after an ancestor of his. I guess that would be Gen. John Armstrong. I plan to visit Kittanning this summer to learn more of my heritage.

Robert A. Armstrong
Hackettstown, NJ

From Larry Karl
February 2, 2000

Just went thru your walking tour and unless I missed it, why did you not include the Catholic Curch with its history and
renovation. Maybe I was resting an old knee or hip on the banks of the river, watching water pour over the dam.
Rest of tour was neat and brought back memories of my years as Leader-Times reporter photographer 1951-54.  The
Memorial Wall was especially impressive with the added drop out lists of war dead.

Larry Karl, Lake Fork , Texas

         Larry's Second email
After sending you note about missing Catholic Church on the walking tour, I went further along on your site and came to the shot of the bridge and downtown area from high atop the West Kittanning hill.   Hanging in my den is a 16x22 photo I took from perhaps the same spot back in those 1951-54 days at Leader Times when we had no darkroom at paper and I was processing at the Leister studio where Pop and Ralph graciously helped us get  timely photos into the paper when Mr Wyant had finally obtained a Fairchild engraving system.  If you ever had time to scan the microfilm of those early 50s editions you'd see the similarities in the photos.  If I can nail down a close approximate date, I'll send it along.

Still have lot of relatives in Ford City and Kittanning and will probably be up for the July 4th Heritage Days if it coincides
with our 55th class reunion this summer.

Larry Karl, Lake Fork, Texas

From Maxine Krulia
February 2, 2000

Dear Mr. Bromley;

I want to commend you on the beautiful pictures of Our Kittanning.  You have done our little town proud.  I lived 56 years around that vicinity and moved south 14 years ago.  My heart is still there.  I'll always remember the courthouse in it's imposing position overlooking the town.  I also was always fascinated by the Kitthanne sign at the bridge., and what it meant.  I will take your Walking Tour many more times.

Maxine Krulia

From Larry Brown
Feb. 24, 2000

Hello, Carl!

My father, Arthur O. Brown, was born in Kittanning in 1908 and lived there until 1988. He currently resides in Newbury, Ohio.   I was born in Kittanning in 1949 and remained there until High School graduation in 1967; I now reside in Manassas, Virginia, near Washington,  D.C.  I have one sister, Joretta Brown Frohring, who was born in Kittanning in 1934 and is also a graduate of Kittanning High School.  She, too, currently resides in Newbury, Ohio.  My mother, Mildred W.  Brown,   now deceased, graduated from KHS, too.  We Browns kept that school busy!

Your web site is excellent, and the photos are remarkable.  I haven't been back to "the Place by the Great River" for about 20 years--but I think you have given me the incentive to "go home again"--at least for a weekend.

Thanks for an excellent presentation, and please keep up the good work.   You may post these comments to your public bulletin board if you wish.  I would be glad to provide my sister's or father's e-mail address to anyone who contacts me.

Hey, Ted Cramer--where are you??


Larry Brown

Really nice to hear your good thoughts, Larry.  Thanks for dropping in.

From Herbert Allen Cravener
Feb 24, 2000

Hello Carl,

Thanks for the trip back ho
me! Wow, a Kittanning home page.  I'm 56 years old and I live in Reading Pa.  I was born in Tarentum and lived in that area for a while.  My Dad (Herb Cravener) worked for the Red Hot Coal Company. Later, after losing his job when the coal mines closed, he repaired watches in Kittanning and eventually began to play his guitar at various nightspots. I had lots of relatives in Kittanning as all of my Dad's brothers lived there.  (Herman, Roy, Eddie etc.) I lived in and around Kittanning till I moved to Cochranton Pa while in the 5 Th. grade. I lived in Worthington and attended Worthington Grade School.  I lived in Appelwold for a while and loved it there.  What a nice little community it was. I can still remember hearing the siren blow for curfew and all we kids running for home.  I wonder if they still have curfew there?

Well I could go on for hours and that would cause you way too much work.  I have a Cravener Family Page at for anyone who is interested in the Cravener family.  It contains current and past photos of some of the Craveners. There are also some Email addresses listed there for family members and links to their home pages.

Thanks again Carl and I will make it a point to put a link to on my home page.

I'll stop back often.

Please include my email address

Herbert Allen Cravener

Have you seen the acronym TGFSF?  Thank God for small favors!!  Referring to "cut and paste" of course!!!  Good to see you and thanks for thinking of me!  Carl
From Larry Cole
Feb 24, 2000

Glad to have found you!  Kittanning is looking better than ever.  I go back to KHS, class of '55, and was contacted by Kathy and Jim Enders about our upcoming class reunion this summer (2000).  Hope to get back and look the valley over even before that event!  I have a large collection of photos of the town and school, taken between 1951 and 1960, and would be glad to share over this computer medium.

Thanks again for putting Kittanning "back on the map".

Larry M. Cole,

From Mike Shepard
Jul 18, 2000

Sitting here at this boob tube tonight, and my sister sent me this site to look at. great to see a picture of the old hometown from west kitt hill. makes me hungry for a millers hoagie, an iron city, and a visit with my old pal lewis,darrel, and his lovely wife les. she and i started life out at the old hospital just one day apart in 1949. hope more of the old khs group answer. will check this eveery so often

mike shepard, class of 67

From Jack O'Brien
Jul 26, 2000

Hello Carl,

Thanks for the terrific website. My mother's family (Maloney) lived in Kittanning for many years until we left in 1964. We still have family there but don't get back as much as we'd like. Carted a lot of empty pop bottles to Crum's market and Menna's to trade the deposit for penny candy.

Although I have moved from Kittanning to Massachusetts to Illinois to Texas to New Hampshire and now back to Illinois, Kittanning will always be "home". In a few hours my family will be heading back to Kittanning for the first time in 4 years to meet for a family reunion. Will be showing my six year old all the old spots her dad enjoyed as a child.

Looking forward to it. See you soon Kittanning!

Continued success,

Jack O'Brien
Elgin, IL

From Ken Leonard
Aug 2, 2000

Love the web site. My Grandfather grew up in Applewahl (sp?) in the 1920's His name was Jack Olzewski. They moved up to Buffalo during the depression. He always told wonderful stories about Kittanning and playing "Huck Finn" on the river. I was finally able to visit and found it an absolutely wonderful town. If there is a slight chance that anyone remembers my grandfather there please contact me at

Ken Leonard

From Glenn Knox
Aug 17, 2000

Hi Carl!! I am Glenn Knox, and I have a group of friends that used to live in Kittanning, and DJ there during the 1978-1982 range. Our Web Site is if you want to check it out, and maybe give us a link from your page?

Thanks, and GREAT looking site!!

Glenn Knox

From Amy
Aug 20, 2000

oh the good ol' memories in Kittanning, the best place to live i must say, Living in Kittanning was great, close to the river, the fairs, and community days and great people!

I visit Kittanning every so often and each time i come and visit it's hard for me to leave! I think the best time to visit is in the fall, it's so beautiful... you can bet i'll be driving through this fall gazing at the beautiful world of Kittanning!

you may post my note.... pittsburghpa
aka: amy

From Bob Blue
Sep 6, 2000


Kittanning is everything you say it is and more. We arrived in town midmorning and went straight to the Courthouse. We had such good help in the vital records office that I found a half dozen documents in less than an hour. My grandfather lived in Echo and was the postmaster there in the 1880's. Then we went to the Historical Society and since it was a Wed. afternoon it was open. Connie, and I don't have her last name, was such a big help that we found most of the cemetery records for our family. We toured cemeteries the next day.

Thanks to everyone who were so friendly and helpful.

We'll be back.

Bob Blue
Oviedo, FL

From ??
Sep 8, 2000

I had to tell you how much I loved your Kittanning and the walking tour. I have been looking for things on Kittanning and could never find any till tonight. I'm saving all of this in my files.

I was born in kittanning and only left because of my husband's work, he was working with Jamesway and we were sent to Ohio. I always wanted to come back, but just never got home again. I still love Kittanning, and Miller's Hoagie Shop. I always stop and get them when we get home.

Kittanning is one of the pretty town's left. I'm sorry to say it is not the Kittanning it was, when we had a 5&10 and Allen's Drug Store, and Clarks Grill, and so many other shops , what a great town it was. I hope you can help me, I am trying to get the book that a bank has on Kittanning. It sells for 35.00 do you know how I can get this book?

Again, thank you Carl for your great news walk on my hometown Kittanning.


From Jill Mauthe
Sep 22, 2000

Hello Carl,

I came across your webpage while doing my regular search for "Mauthe" (my last name). (If you are wondering why your website would come it, it is due to the postings on the community board.)

It took me quite a few minutes to figure out where Kittanning was, perhaps a map or even just a state name on the homepage would help. I was intrigued to read in one of the emails that it is in Pennsylvania. I'm working on my genealogy and there is supposed to be a Mauthe clan in Pennsylvania that I am related to distantly. I'll have to look up the person I found. (I'm from Manitoba, Canada, by the way.)

Other than the missing place description, it's a very well-laid out site, and I plan to visit some more in the future.

Thanks, Jill

Hmmmm.... I might keep it that way... more mysterious! Carl

From Kristi (Young) Krantz
Oct 1, 2000

Dear Carl,

My name is Kristi, and I was born, raised, and still living in Buffalo, NY. My parents (Debby Buff and David Young) are from Kittanning and all my relatives are still in the area. I've been visiting Kittanning since I was born (over 27 years) and it's like a second home to me. I have a lot of wonderful memories of Kittanning!

This web site is great! Whenever I miss Kittanning, I just go to KDC and feel a lot better. You've done a wonderful job, Carl, keep up the good work!!


Kristi (Young) Krantz

From Robie Knepshield
Nov 26, 2000


I have been a resident of Kittanning for 36 of my 38 years....Approximately 3 years ago I bought a piece of property in the upper end of town.(730 north water street...corner of hazel and n. water). My property deed states that is was built in 1848, I have heard many things about this structure, one being repeated on multiple occasions. I was told that this structure was originally built, as a school house and was named THE MINNESOTA GIRLS SEMINARY. I have been told that the structure I now live is is actually half of the original structure.

I have visited the local Historical Society and there seems to be little or NO information pertaining to this structure. Any information,. or directions towards the right people for information pertaining to my house would be greatly appreciated... Plus the side yard view would be a great addition to your FRONT PAGE PHOTO's....

I'm not sure if you were aware of this or not, but recently there have been photographers casing the area looking for potential site locations for the new Richard Gere movie........BUT as I have said any information would be greatly appreciated...There is a small hand drawn map (supposedly drawn in 1876) that shows my structure as the last piece of property on the upper end of town.

Robie Knepshield

From Bob Banks
Dec 18, 2000

New at the computer and just discovered your "tour of kittanning". Very nice and talk about bringing back memories. Left Kittanning in 1959 & moved to Fla. for our daughter's health. Graduated from K.H,S. in 1936 and was working at the Ringold Corp in West Kittanning when we left. Married Jane Meyers in 1939- best move I ever made--still together after all these years.

A few names I recall. I knew Jack Olinger when we both worked at the A.& P.--knew Bill Bridges and knew Bill Mcgann aka known as " Gannie". Was member of hose co. #1 and marched behind the firemans band in quite a few parades. Those guys were great.

In case any old friends want to contact me I would answer. contact me Keep up your good work on the history of Kittanning

Bob (Plummer) Banks

From Alan D. from New Zealand
Dec 18, 2000

Hello Carl, and I haven't a clue to whom I'm e-eing, but isn't that the wonder of of the web. Who ever you are, your site listing your county's fallen soldiers inthe different theatres touched me, so I know you're a pretty fair kind of guy. My God there are a lot of them.. you guys a warrior breed, or just plain unlucky?... or both?

I was actually looking up references to a famous (in NZ LOL) boat-builder designer combination Oliver an Gilpen. Nothing on them, but your site came up , as there's both an Oliver in there and a Gilpen! I read on, being the curiosity monstrosity that I am, and found myself in a real All American Pie piece of Pennsylvania!

Sounds like a nice place. (we're doing the same with old gold mining ghost town rail trails down here in New Zealand by the way). Nice to be of your acquaintance, however ethereal it may be. It's work like yours which keeps history alive.


Alan D
Auckland NZ
Merry Xmas too!...and have a great new year... sun's shinin' down here, it's 30deg C and a hell summer.

...and then there was more from Alan... Carl... I'm not inthe habit of sending unsolicited e-mail, and two in one go is unheard of!..but
... your Walk through Kittaning is excellent. I'm writing again because i'm a realfan of American architecture, and so obviously are you.

We've just finished restoring a 1923 Californian bungalow, stone pillars, paths and slate roof and all, We moved it in 4 pieces clean across Auckland to a period correct street, to give you an idea of just how keen we are..and pig headed.. and blindly romantic LOL. I try to collect middle-late century American furniture I've got a 2 Eames' pieces and a Wright-style sideboard desk that i'm typing on right now!)

Your town is a must to visit with an interest like this. Is it typical of your region? I'm keen. Any good skiing near there in May-June? The List of the fallen soldiers just touched me... the architecture grabbed me.

Ciao again

Alan Dempsey
Auckland NZ

Alan and I had a good laugh about skiing here in May and June. That's what living south of the Equator does to ya! Carl

From  Jenni Forsgren
Jan 5, 2001

Hi Carl,

I found your nice home site on the net, while looking for pictures from Kittaning. I live in Sweden and I visited Kittaning and Worthington in the summer of 1988. I really loved it and I get very nostalgic when I read about your town!

I stayed in Worthington for three months and I got to know many wonderful people. In Kittaning I visited Don and Patti Breghenti. Since I was only 16 that summer

I dont remember exactly where they lived, but I know it was outside town, near the road to Worthington. Don was (is?) a pastor in a church in Worthington (New Beginnings in Christ Fellowship). Anyway, Don and Patti are wonderful people, and I hope that someone who know them might read this. Even though I still have contact with them, this could be another opportunity to say hi to them. Give my love the Breghenti´s if anyone reading this know them!

Best wishes from Sweden / Jenny Forsgren

PS. Please, post my mail address, Carl! DS.

From Elizabeth "Betty" Minor Benton
Jan. 15, 2001

Dear Carl,

Just heard from my daughter here in Buffalo that I would be happily surprised when I checked my E-Mail today. When I saw the website about Kittanning, I couldn't believe my eyes! I was born in Kittanning, Elizabeth Minor, (Betty) one of a family of six brothers and sisters, and graduated from KHS in 1950, before the new HS was built in the upper end of town.

My husband's - married Dick Benton, Worthington in 1956 - job with Union Carbide moved us from Kittanning in 1961 with our 1-yr. old daughter, Kathleen, to Town of Tonawanda, NY, then bought our first home there in 1971, moved to suburbs of Buffalo (Wiliamsville) where we were thrilled to have a new home built. We also had another daughter Eileen born 1965 and son Andy in 1970. We stayed until 1986 when we were transferred to Santa Maria, CA, then nearing retirement, bought a new home near my brother Jim in Leesburg, FL. This past April my husband died after a terminal illness, and sold my FL home, and am back in Buffalo, NY to stay.

Can't tell you how much it means to have this website to go to and am so glad I have my PC that is opening a whole new world for me. Looking forward to hearing more news!

Elizabeth "Betty" Minor Benton

From Sondra Hollobaugh Rice
Feb. 10, 2001


I am a former resident of Kittanning. My grandparents and parents were from the area. I was born in the Kittanning hospital and delivered by Dr. Greenbaum. That was in 1963.

I remember walking down town as a child, (we were living somewhere above but not in the courthouse. My mom would give us an allowance to go to the matinee. Then we would go to the drug store on the corner and have a soda before heading home. Back then, there were no threats of violence and we all could walk downtown without the hackeling.

I would remember going to my grandmothers house and eating ice cream and bugle's. She lived close to the Allegheny River. We would sit on her front porch and watch the barges go by..sometimes we would go across the road and over the big brick wall and just stand there for hours in amazement. We moved to Mercer County in the early 70's and only went back occasionally for a visit with my grandparents or my aunt and uncle that live in Ford City.

It had been over 20 years since i been "back home" and I took my husband and children for the "tour". I was amazed on how much i could remember ...where my grandmother lived, where we lived on Woodward Ave. We walked for hours and we were all just mesmorized by the sizes of the houses and how well kept things had remained. I just smiled at my husband and told him that was because we took pride in our town.

This past November (2000) I took another trip back to Kittanning, only this time to pay my final respects to my grandfather (Paul Anderson)..this time my mother and I walked the streets of Kittanning..we just held hands and walked in silence..we both knew we were home again.

Thanks so much for bringing Kittanning to my livingroom. Now when i get homesick...i can turn on my computer and hit my favorites button because i am home again.


Sondra Hollobaugh Rice

From Crystal & Rich Mitchell
Feb. 18, 2001


I would like to thank you for the site. I grew up in Kittanning and my husband lived it Templeton. We miss the area! We visit our family at least twice a year. I just can't believe the changes they have made since I moved away in 1985. I just wanted to thank you for the good work you have done, I also told others, that once lived in kittanning, about your site, And they love it.

Thank You
Crystal & Rich

From Doug Levine
Feb. 26, 2001


Hello, my name is Doug Levine. I live in Williamsport, Maryland, I'm 34, and I was born in Kittanning. I used to live at 1043 Wilson Ave. My grandparents lived there for 45 years - they used to own Mervis Furniture on Orr Ave.

I still have friends in town but as I'm sure you realize as we get older sometimes we don't stay in touch as much as we should. I went to school downtown until 2nd grade when we moved here. We came home about 4 times a year and after little league. I spent the summers at my grandparents, I really miss the small town USA.

I was just writing to let you know I love your site and it brought a tear to my eye. I'm sure you are a very busy person but I would love to see a picture of the house and the old furniture store. I would really like to come soon and just walk downtown and get a pop at Allen's and walk the train trax as I used to do as a kid.

I was very very close to the Ken Bauer family and was like a son to Dave "Red" and Jackie Ullom, both on Wilson Ave. Is the hotel still up by the pool and would that be the best place for my family to stay?

Thank you for your time and I think what you did to this site is great. My mom was at the site so this is her email, but my email is Thank you for reading this and hope you will respond.


From Nancy Stoops-Libengood
Mar. 12, 2001


Like many of those who have e-mailed you, I also grew up in Kittanning. Although I moved away before graduating from high school, I still consider KHS my alma mater. I even remember every single word of the Alma Mater and I have been fortunate enough to celebrate just about every class reunion (class of '73) with my childhood/high school friends -- a perfect way to stay in touch!

Your site brought back a lot of memories. My father, Harold Stoops was very involved with Kittanning in the mid 50's, 60's and early 70's. During his career, he announced for / managed WACB radio and worked for West Penn Power, while supporting the area through membership in the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc. I would love to see a picture of one of the houses that I lived in growing up......and that is the house at 216 Allegheny Avenue, the "castle" that Dr. Milliron built probably in the mid late 50's on your web site. The architecture of which is also one of a kind to the Kittanning area.

At the time I lived in Kittanning, I wasn't quite sure that growing up in a small town was much fun. I had GREAT friends, and lots of things to do, but it seemed that everyone knew my father -- so I had to be on my 'best' behavior. In retrospect, the small hometown, friendly ambiance that Kittanning created was the best foundation that a child could have asked for.

Thanks Kittanning for the wonderful memories......Thanks Carl for putting together something to capture those feelings!

Nancy Stoops-Libengood
Tampa, FL

From Samuel A. Young
Mar. 20, 2001

Hey Carl,

My name is Sam Young and I was born at the old Kittanning hospital and raised in Kittanning, (1965-1983), man that shows my age, and the surrounding area. I found the website by pure accident, and luck, a couple of weeks ago, my Grandmother lives in Ford City and she mentioned the movie, so I did research and there was Kittanning. Welcome to the new century.

It is a great web site Carl. I am really happy for everyone in Kittanning, that is great someone finally noticed this wonderful little town and it will forever be in film. There are not many towns like it anymore, I know I have been all over the world. Your web site is great and I enjoy reminicing about home. I have not been there in years. I am still in the Navy, have been since a month after I graduated from Lenape. I live in Virginia with my wife and daughter, hope to get home and visit my Grandmother soon.

I have seen some great stuff and been to some wonderful countries, but nothing compares to the close knit feeling of Kittanning. Some that live there may not agree with how I feel, mainly the younger folks I would think, but take it from someone who has been all over our world and seen a lot of things, there is no place like home and Kittanning will forever be my home. Thanks for the website Carl, and putting Kittanning on the map of the internet world. and finally CONGRATULATIONS Kittanning !!! YES !!!!

Sam Young

On April 5th, I received this email from Sam re his friend from childhood Arlie Mangus. Sam and Arlie grew up in the Garrett's Run area; Arlie went to Vietnam and was missing in action Nov 3, 1970. The websites listed below Sam's request contain details leading to a conclusion that Arlie could still be alive in Vietnam and held prisoner. I'll let you browse, these links tell it all.

Hey Carl,

I have been in touch with this wonderful young lady, she has put together a wonderful website for POW/MIA's, and a special website for Arlie Mangus. Would you be so kind as to add her website to Kittanning's homepage. It would be great to have a memorial to one of Kittanning's own. Thanks for all your help. I am still working on the one I have started.

Take care

Nikki's Arlie Mangus page - POW/MIA Arlie
Nikki's POW/MIA website - go
The POW/MIA website - go
Arlie's story - go


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